The Afropollination Music + Dance project is a result of collaboration between Ugandan-based Nyege Nyege Festival, one of the most vibrant and exciting music festivals in the world, and Berlin-based Piranha Arts, organizers of WOMEX and Karneval der Kulturen. This project is a creative collaboration project between Africa and Germany and was initiated to encapsulate the process of artistic and social-cultural pollination, fostering creative encounters between artists, genres, disciplines, identities, ideas, cultures, technologies, and communities from diverse regions of Africa and Germany. Afropollination Music + Dance is funded by the TURN2 fund of the German Cultural Foundation.

Over the past years, Nyege Nyege festival and its associated music labels have gained an indisputable reputation for bringing together a diverse and eclectic mix of musical genres, from African beats and dancehall to techno and electronica bringing the creativity of new generations of artists from various African countries to spotlight. At Afropollination Music + Dance weekend event, you will have the opportunity to witness some of the most exciting and innovative performances in contemporary club music.