JEREMY JAY + LEMONGRAB + THE MIDNIGHT AUDIENCE Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin am 20.04.23

Donnerstag 20.04.23
Einlass: 20:30, Beginn: 19:30
Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin


Ticket15,25 € 



When Jeremy was 14, he began playing in high school bands with schoolmates, performing to packed venues in the area. Seeing her son’s devotion to music, Jeremy’s mother bought him an eight-track reel-to-reel recorder, which he used to make recordings in a studio that he built in the family garage.

When Jeremy was 18 he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he met Calvin Johnson, Beat Happening singer and founder of K Records, the label he later signed to and has now released 5 of his albums including 2011’s Dream Diary. 

After performing at Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, the El Segell record label released the album Demons in 2018. Switchblade Sound out of London has released the albums; Dangerous Boys (2019), Devils Daughters (2021) and the new album September Strangers (2022).


Originally hailing from Montreal, core duo Léonie Dishaw and Gaëlle Cordeau relocated to Berlin in 2019, and with the move from their established scene in Canada came a fresh start for Lemongrab. 

Locking in the drummer of Leipzig synth-punks Lassie, Teun Verheij, along with Mikey Sykes on bass, and Joel Thomas on guitar, the band has made a quick yet lasting impression in Berlin, notably during the Synesthäsie festival in 2022, and in other cities European punk scenes during their tour that covered Switzerland, Spain, Brussels and France. Renowned for their raw and cathartic live shows that draws an energetic crowds, LEMONGRAB is for fans of Devo, The Raincoats, Wire, and Delta 5.


The Midnight Audience. A sonic pursuit consisting of existential echoes. Space is created and played within. Psychological processes transition across and through. The sound of what came before now yells to the future. The Audience acts as a space in between, listeners are thrust from one mental room to another. From memory to recollection to an uncanny threshold. Corridors of psychic whirling find melody in disharmony and order in chaos. This is The Midnight Audience.


(from Hello Pity, MASKE, Die Verlierer)

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